To Deepen Students awareness

Specific Objectives


As a College, We Aim:

  • To impart to the students in their course of study the techniques of learning for the stimulation of clear thinking to form and adopt wholesome attitudes of life.


  • To deepen the students’ awareness and proper appreciation of people and of inter-personal relationship, so that, whether in Christian vocation or in other fields of service, they may be able to enter into dialogue and relate to others effectively as they seek to share in the vital task of the propagation of the gospel.


  • To provide wholesome experience through engagement in forms of practical activity, both to enable the students to earn their way, if necessary, in a respectable manner, and to demonstrate and emphasize the worth and dignity of  honest labour.


  • To provide meaningful and adequate training in Christian Leadership, primarily for Caribbean Youth in the Church of God which supports and controls the College.

  • To provide training for persons in some disciplines thus equipping them for service to the community.