Code of Conduct

For the mutual benefit of all, and so that the students may understand their responsibilities, the College has formulated some specific principles.  All of them are intended for the greater good of the entire group.  Students will find great satisfaction in the conscientious observance of these principles.  Thus, life will be made pleasant for everyone who is associated with the College.

General Principles

Students in residence must at all times conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen.  They must be kind, considerate, courteous, and temperate.

Students in residence are not permitted to attend questionable amusement, gamble or participate in carnival.

The use of all alcoholic beverages (including cider, stout, beer and wine) or tobacco is not allowed.  Profane or vulgar language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

All School Fees and Financial Obligations must be settled each semester.  Unless this is done, a student cannot register for another semester or be permitted to graduate, except in special cases where the President decides otherwise.

Full-Time students who do not live at their family homes or who do not reside in the College dormitory will be required to live in accommodation approved by the Administration.  The changing of such accommodations may be done only after permission has been secured from Administration.

Accidents and illnesses among students must be promptly reported to the Resident Director.

All forms of pre-marital sex, adultery and homosexual behaviour are not allowed.  Students can be dismissed from the College if these rules are contravened.

Each student is required to dress in Christian moderation and to observe the rules of cleanliness at all times.

Each student is to honour Christ in every aspect of relationship: dormitory, classroom, work, Church, business, social and leisure.

Each student must always be mindful of the fact that he/she represents the College.  Therefore it is obligatory for the student to exhibit at all times the appropriate Christian attitude and behaviour.