At the West Indies Theological College Campus, we share a family ambience of mutual respect, spiritual integrity, high moral and ethical standards, positive attitudes and practices.

Each residential student and all students preparing for Ministry within the Church are therefore expected to maintain high standards of Christian living, at all times.

Spiritual Life:

Each residential student and all students preparing for Ministry within the Church are obligated to nurture and maintain a close and stable relationship with God.  Apart from personal devotion, the College expects each student to participate in:

Chapel: each student is required to be in worship once per week.  This is mandatory.  Exception may be granted at the discretion of the authorities.

Church: each student is required to be associated actively with a Congregation and to participate faithfully in its programmes.  Ministry participation is an integral aspect of training.

Prayer Sessions: we strongly encourage corporate prayer by the Student Body.  Prayer is essential for spiritual growth.  An active prayer life is always spiritually rewarding.

Bible Study: this is a requirement for each student.  The student must participate at all times in Bible Study, which helps to foster and develop strong Christian conviction and enhances the student's manner of living.

Work Ethic:

Each residential student is required to contribute at least two (2) hours of free work/labour weekly to the College.

Social and Ceremonial Events:

Each student is expected to participate in all social and ceremonial events.  Among the most popular are the Baccalaureate Service, Graduation Banquet, WITC Sunday, Harambee, and Christmas Dinner.


The student is expected to participate fully in every aspect of College life: spiritual, physical, mental, and social.  Efforts are made through the relevant agencies to promote a holistic approach to life.  Recreation and other wholesome social activities are encouraged both within and between other institutions.