Admission Statement

In administering its affairs, West Indies Theological College operates under the guidance of God and the positions outlined in the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, with respect to human rights.  Therefore, the College enrolls students of any race, colour, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or religious persuasions with full and equal rights and privileges to participate in all programmes, activities and use of facilities that the College offers.  The College does not discriminate against those who may be physically challenged.  With respect to special bursaries, the College is under obligation to honour mutually agreed terms.

Any person who fills out the Application Form is only making his/her desire known to the administration of the College that he/she would like to attend as a student.  The application will be considered and examined, and those who are accepted will be notified of their acceptance.  To submit the application is no guarantee that the applicant will be accepted as a student.  Admission to the Theology Programme is no guarantee of employment or placement in the Church after graduation, although the College will collaborate with the Assemblies of the Church to facilitate such Ministry.  The College is willing to assist other students if it is at all possible.

International Students

In addition to the documents mentioned above, the Immigration Authorities require that each International Student be in possession of a valid Student Permit for entry into the Country, as well as evidence of the required financial deposit having been paid.

The College assists with the application for the Student Permit after receiving the documents from the applicants, and maintains a Security Bond in co-operation with the General Assembly.  Travel documents and arrangements are the responsibility of the student.

The College will not register a person who holds a Tourism VISA.  The individual may be processed and accepted, however, that persons will be required to return to his/her home Country and make an application for a Student VISA to the Immigration Department of Trinidad and Tobago.

Educational Level

The academic work done at West Indies Theological College is at a Tertiary Level.  There are ten (10) programmes, of which four (4) are Degrees.

Persons desiring to enter the College should  be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Only persons who have proved to the Church, over a period of time that they have a high and steady moral character, and who have secured the approval of the General Assembly in their territory should think of entering the College to pursue any of its Church-Related programmes.  Only those of upright character can hope to succeed in the sacred work of the Church.

Other students will be accepted based on the entry requirements outlined on the website.

Admission Policies & Procedures

An Application Form and other related documents must be submitted to the College by May 31st for International Students and July 31st for National Students, for the beginning of the academic year in September.  Such relevant documents include:

  1. References

  2. Medical Examination Report

  3. Copies of certificates of academic achievement e.g G.C.E. or C.X.C.; or other comparable certification

  4. Application Fee of TT$120.00 or US$20.00 (non-refundable).