W.I.T.C. welcomes your financial and other contributions. 


Many students in Theology and Christian Education have benefited from contributions made to the College. 


For instance the "Linen Chest" initiative of the Women of the Church of God.  Every year at our Graduation Dinner the Women of the Church of God presents our Church of God Ministerial graduates with a gift package comprising sheet sets, towels and other linen items.

Our Dhanraj Fund

The Dhanraj Fund was established by one of our Alumna.  Via this fund, we are able to assist students pursuing Courses in Theology and Christian Education.  Proceeds from this Fund are also used for promotions and publications.

General Gifts

There are several wonderful persons and Churches who send financial contributions to the College on a monthly or other regular basis.  They contribute directly, via their local Churches, and through Global Strategy (USA) (http://chogglobal.org/mission-projects/projects-caribbean-atlantic/).

We welcome all gifts, as they assist in special projects, as well as in the general operations of the College.

If you will like to send a gift (whether for a specific project, or for general financial assistance), please feel free to do so using the link below.  

Some of our Special Projects include:

  • Dormitory Upgrades

  • Literature Acquisition (Library)

  • Administrative Supplies

  • Ground Maintenance

  • Christmas Dinner

We do thank you for your love and support.