Entry Requirements

Diploma  and Associate

1. The minimum requirements are III passes at the C.X.C. general proficiency or equivalent exams.  Subjects MUST include English Language; grade III is the minimum acceptable grade for such entry.


2. A student may enter the programme with five (5) subjects at the C.X.C or equivalent exams.




1. For direct entry, passes in five (5) subjects at the general proficiency level or equivalent exams, including English Language.  The minimum acceptable grade is Grade III.


2. The completion of the Diploma/Associate of Science and five (5) years experience in the particular field.

This does not mean that a person of lower academic attainment will not be considered.  Every case will be studied individually, and a reasonable basis for success must be found in every person who is accepted as a student.  Persons with lesser achievements may be admitted to the Pre-College year, which is preparatory for entry into the programmes mentioned above.

Students who do not meet the entrance requirement are required to take the WITC aptitude test.

Students from Non-English-Speaking Countries can expect to be tested in English.