Our "Partners in Education" Programme is a simple Covenant or Agreement to make a monthly, quarterly or annual contribution to the College to assist in our infrastructural development/expansion.

Through our "Partners in Education" Initiative we were able to commence the expansion of our Library which will also accommodate our Department for Academic Affairs.

Our Development Plan is geared towards an overall upgrade to the current infrastructure, and the establishment of other facilities; in keeping with the ever-increasing needs in the Church, the Communities and the World.

Our Development Plan includes, but is not limited to:

The refurbishment of our Conference Facility, with the capacity to house one thousand (1000) persons - Theatre Style.  It is envisioned that the Conference Facility will be used by the Church of God Globally, to facilitate Conferences.  It will also be available to other Christian Institutions for hosting functions.  There will be a hall at the Ground Floor Level, equipped with bathroom facilities and a kitchen.  The Upper Floor will house the Conference Area.

The construction of Two (2) Apartments for housing Missionaries and other overseas Lecturers (re Modules and other Short Course).

The establishment of adequate Parking Facilities for Faculty and Students.

The expansion of our Computer Room.  This is critical as we seek to expand our student intake.  We anticipate a growth in both on-campus students, as well as off-campus students.

The upgrade and expansion of our Laundry Room; in anticipation of the growth of our On-Campus Student Population.

The expansion of our Male and Female Dormitories.  We aim to accommodate a maximum of one hundred and fifty (150) On-Campus Students.

Via the Partners in Education Initiative, contributions to the College can be done in one of three (3) ways:

  • Monthly - TT$100.00

  • Quarterly - TT$300.00

  • Annually - TT$1200.00

Your contribution is always appreciated.  Covenant with us today.