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College Life

Registration Procedure

All students are required to register for classes on the first day of each semester or according to the published date/s and time for registration.  Enrolled students may be required to register in advance for the following semester in order to inform their respective Scholarship Service and to plan constructively for same.

Student Orientation

Each student is required to attend all Orientation Sessions which form the basis for information sharing on all aspects of College life, including expectations, programmes, policies, and procedures.  Students are therefore advised that failure to meet this requirement will result in a penalty fee of TT$100.00; which must be paid before the semester class begins.

Academic Year

The academic year consists of thirty weeks of classes divided into two semesters.  The first semester begins about the first week in September and runs for fifteen weeks, ending in December.  This includes a break of one week for spiritual emphasis and personal study.  The second semester begins in January and runs for fifteen weeks, allowing for a two-week break at Easter time, and ending in May.

Classification of Students

The class standing of a student is determined at the beginning of the academic year according to the following classifications:

1. First Year (Freshman)

Those who have met all requirements for entry into the Diploma or Degree Programme.

2. Second Year (Sophomore)

Those having no less than thirty (30) credit hours and fifty-five (55) grade points.

3. Third Year (Junior)

Those having no less that sixty (60) credit hours and one hundred and twenty (120) grade points.

4. Fourth Year (Senior)

Those having no less than ninety (90) credit hours and two hundred and twenty five (225) grade points.

Special Students

All subjects offered at W.I.T.C. are beneficial to any Christian student interested in developing his/her capabilities for discipleship.  Anyone, therefore, who has the interest in any Course and the time to devote to its study, may register for that Course provided that the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President grant approval.

Auditing Students

Persons other than full-time students approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and with the approved permission of the particular Lecturer involved, may audit a Course if they complete the necessary registration form and pay the required fee.

Full-Time Students may enroll as auditors for a fee, and with the Lecturer's permission.  The fee must be paid at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable.  No credit is received when a Course is audited, but the Course name and designation "AU" are listed on the transcript.  Auditors are subject to the conditions of enrollment established by the Lecturer, but do not take course examinations.